2023 Solo show – La Galerie aux Grottes (Geneva)

The show is rassembling pieces from two ongoing projects related to the representation of the female* body. Portraits from the series Camera Intima (2020-…) and Body prints (2023-…).

Camera Intima is a series of portraits of women created between 2020 and 2022 using the pinhole technique (a pierced can with photographic paper). The shooting takes place after an interview with the artist discussing the relationship with oneself and the body. A long pause and discussion allow for a collaboration with the models who actively contribute to the creation of the images, their consent is considered throughout all the process. The presented prints are contact prints made in the darkroom from paper negatives.
Thanks to Chloé, Léandre, Elise, Nathalie, Alina, Aline, Carine, Fanny, Julie, Laurie, Lucie, Ludivine, Maurane, Noémie, Pamela, Shanti, Sibylle, Simone, Héloise, Maeli, Morena, Mylène… for their participation.

Body prints is a series of body imprints created using the ‘chemigram’ technique. Produced by the artist alone or during collective workshops, even performances.
Participants create imprints of their skin coated with Vaseline on photosensitive paper. The image is then revealed through photographic chemistry, darkening the paper and leaving the imprint blank. The paper is then washed and dried. The images are not always fixed, allowing the paper to take on tones in the light.The images presented here are either created by Stéphanie Probst (framed and in large pink format) or are from the collective workshop that took place at the fesses-tival in October 2023.
Thanks to Amanda, Cheryl C., Sara Brambilla, Romy, Anna Iatsenko, Patricia Staheli, Viviane Urio, Mirella Helger.

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